Is A Colorado Technical University Degree Online Worth Considering?

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Colorado Technical University is not just one college, but a network of campuses spanning four states, offering online classes to the non-traditional student.

Founded in 1895, Colorado Technical University is accredited by the by the Higher Learning Commission. CTU is also a member in good standing of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. It is recognized by the United States Department of Education.

High Standards

Colorado Technical University began its online degree program more than 8 years ago, fitting quality educational standards into an online program at a time when online degree programs were in their infancy. Your Colorado Technical University Degree Online will offer you all of the prestige as well as the learning opportunities of any up-scale college or university, online or offline.

Colorado Technical University offers a wide variety of higher learning opportunities. Among those university degrees that you may select from are Associate, Bachelors Degree, Masters and Doctoral Degrees.

The choice of course study that you may select from will include items such as Applied Science, Computing, Engineering and Technology Education, along with Practical Nursing, Surgical Technology, Allied Health Education and Computer Engineering.

The quality of education and the standard of course instruction at Colorado Technical University are markedly high. Their accreditation programs are numerous in each area of study.

CTU Accreditation

Computer engineering and Electrical engineering programs at Colorado Technical University are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission, while Health Sciences are accredited by Allied Health Education Board, while the Practical Nursing program is fully approved and supported by the Missouri State Board of Nursing.

In fact, nearly any Colorado Technical University degree online that you may elect is fully accredited with multiple state accrediting agencies, making it a very viable choice for your online continuing education.

When you attend Colorado Technical University, you may elect to take some or all of your courses at either the four campuses, or all online, or a combination of both venues.

Commitment to Quality

CTU is well-known for its commitment to quality education for the non traditional student who is seeking a higher level of education. In fact, the staff and professors of Colorado Technical University are renowned for going out of their way to offer a better quality learning experience to the students.

Online classes are taught using a variety of methods, including streaming media, downloadable materials and online lectures, forums and other types of software. One of the most unique methods for lectures with CTU is taping, so that students may download the lectures to review them multiple times or to, as more traditional students do, take notes on them.

For the student who truly does not have the time to commit to a traditional course of study in a classroom, you can gain the same quality education and the same degree using the online study programs. Colorado Technical University is an excellent school offering you a wide variety of ways to continue the life-long learning process.


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